1. What is PUF?
PUF means online Professional Update Form (PUF) For Registered Nurses and Midwives
2. Why is Council doing PUF?
This is to establish an electronic database of all records of Nurses and Midwives registered in Nigeria and to facilitate the commencement of online renewal of license
3. Who are the people to complete the form?
All categories of Nurses/Midwives are to complete and submit their online Professional Update Form(PUF)
4. How many form am I expected to complete?
Only one form should be completed by an individual Nurse/Midwife. Multiple forms are not allowed
5. What information are required to complete this application?
Required information are Personal details (such as names, date of birth, address etc), Registration numbers of all qualifications registration with NMCN, Schools attended, passport photograph, Personal Identification Number (PIN) on the license, Licence Expiry Date, employment record. Your Nursing/midwifery license and certificates contained all the required information
6. What size of passport photograph is required?
Passport Photo Not More Than 20kb, width: 130px, height: 182px and on Jpeg Format Only are required.
7. Do I need to attach my scanned certificates to the application?
8. Where do I get my Personal Identification Number (PIN)?
All registered Nurses/Midwives must provide their PIN as it appears on their licence except for Basic Midwives and Psychiatric Nurses with single professional qualification only.
9. Do I need my nursing or midwifery registration number to complete this application?
Yes. All registered Nurses/Midwives must provide registration number(s) for all professional qualification(s) registered with Nursing and Midwifery Council of Nigeria. Registration number(s) MUST be alphanumeric while entering the data e.g. RN1234 or RM1234 (no dot, no space, no symbols such as -)?,#~(!-_/><@ ). Only the number is expected to be inserted.
10. What happens if I choose not to complete the form?
It would be assumed that Nurses/Midwives who do not complete this form are not registered with Nursing and Midwifery Council of Nigeria
11. For how long will this application be available online?
The Professional Update Form (PUF) will be available from the 17th of July – 17th of October 2017.
12. My License is expired. Can I still complete the PUF form?
Yes. All categories of Nurses/Midwives are to complete and submit their online Professional Update Form (PUF)
13. How secure is the Council’s portal?
The NMCN portal is secured and contained required security protections in line with best global practices. This portal has been in use by Council since 2012 till date.
14. Are Nurses and Midwives who registered with Nursing and Midwifery Council of Nigeria but are outside the Country affected too?
Yes. All Nurses and Midwives anywhere in the world who registered with NMCN are to complete PUF application online.
For further enquiries or challenges on PUF application Message Us on 07069646143

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