Upcoming Seminar on Steps to migrating to the UK as a Nurse

When Uche started considering the idea of relocating in February 2016, she was discouraged by some older colleagues. Probably, many of them were yet to recover from past experiences they had with previous attempts made at traveling out.

By late 2016, practicing as a Nigerian nurse became increasingly depressing for her. Each shift in the government hospital where she worked was a terrible nightmare. But she was fortunate. Her colleagues in the private sector were far worse off!

At the start of 2017, Uche began praying fervently for a miracle. She loved her profession, but the working conditions were driving her ‘crazy’.

In March 2017, something happened and the entire story changed. Her miracle did happen: BREXIT!

When UK immigration laws became much more favorable to nurses after Brexit, Uche knew it was time to move. And thank God she did!

One year after, she says: “I am currently living the life of my dreams!”

Have you always dream of living a more blissful life as a nurse?

Are you currently worried that achieving that dream in Nigerian is fast becoming a wild goose chase?

*Are you tired, frustrated, angry, disenchanted, discouraged, disillusioned or depressed about the current state of Nigerian nursing practice?*

*Do you feel you deserve more than what you are currently getting out of nursing?*

The ongoing massive recruitment by National Health Service England (NHS) might just be in the perfect timing for that career change you’ve always dream of!

Sounds like your time?

Attend the upcoming educational and career empowerment for nurses by recruiting agents from UK.

It is something you shouldn’t miss. And it’s absolutely *FREE!!!*

CLICK ON THE LINK BELOW TO REGISTERhttps://goo.gl/forms/K2SssWtTrijZtUbD3

It was Shawn Johnson who said: “Life is like gymnastics. Everything is about your movements and precision and timing.”

2019 is your year of career breakthrough. Let’s make it happen!

– Akades Healthcare Services


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