UNIMEDTH nurses lead warning strike to demand 6months payment of Salary

Reports have it that the newly employed nurses of the University of Medical Sciences Teaching Hospital have commenced a warning strike to demand the payment of six months salary.

The nurses, who were employed alongwith other professionals to hospital services around June to August of this year have initiated the strike around 5pm today. One of the nurses, speaking with “Nursing Group Admins” describe the job as a trick which has run out of any more moves. In her words “we were given an employment offer that does not state the net salary as well as other benefits attached after we have gone through a #5000 payment to obtain the form for this job, done interview to get selected”.

Probing whether there has been engagements on the payment of the salary. On speaking with another nurse working in the hospital, the nurse said “This is inhumane of the authority to see it come to this, going to work for 6months, 5months and 4 months for some without anything to show for it. Transport to work, feeding, even the buying of scrub uniform, self care and all has been on tough sourcing. At first, it was about unraveling the puzzle of how much we will be paid but it became a forth and back and so everybody surrendered to believing that it will be revealed after the common 3months consolidated salary payments in government services but after three months of Working, nothing came up, we met with the hospital authorities: the HNS who does not even like to entertain the question on payment than play a support to the management; the CMD of the hospital has failed in his words at numerous times on the payment date for the salary, he said soon, at a meeting, he promised the 17th of October and lots of game tricks have played”, few days ago we even sent a letter of inconvenience regarding this but as usual, their response was to wait till today for salary payment. Until this moment,nothing has shown for it”. She furthered by saying that the strike will bear “Ebenezer of fruitless negotiations”.

On when the strike will end, report says that it will continue until a strict and documented structure of payment is released or earlier on progressive negotiations. The “Ebenezer of fruitless negotiations” is said to demand:

a. Disclosure of the amount of salary
b. Structure of payment of owed salaries and consolidated payment of it.
c. Positive response to the demands of the strike rather than blacklisting the nurses who have embarked on the strike.

Asking how the nurses felt about the strike, a nurse who preferred to remain anonymous express the love for clients as the reason why the strike has not commenced until now. The source, in texts contained to our Twitter handle said “honestly, the only painful thing is how the quality of care given to patients will suffer nursing soft hands in these few days. I wish the government of Arakunrin Akeredolu, who we believe has been kept in the dark will be informed of these developments so that actions beyond the management can be put to the positive role, it is unfair that those who are meant to care are treated harshly”.

More reports later

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Updated: November 29, 2019 — 9:30 pm

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  1. Com. Morakinyo olajide , De Capo

    It is absurd, an inhuman to man. How can u engaged people to care for the sick without taking care of them by paying for their services. How do they eat, transport, toiletries, cloths and other personal cares. The strike is apt and more stringent measures should be taking. Nothing should happen to d nurses. Not even threat of termination of appointment.

  2. This is so inhuman. How are they expected to be productive without pay? I see a new era in nursing profession where they are ready for fight for what is theirs instead of chickening out and dying in silence.

  3. This is really unfair and this is pure wickedness,for goodness sake how do they feed how do they transport themselves to work prompt action should be taken against the people in charge

  4. What a nice move, not everyone deserves roundtable discussion….

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