TO THE NURSE NEXT DOOR- A poem by Chinoso

Agochukwu Chinoso B. (aka oluwanonso) has a Bachelor in nursing science, and is currently undergoing the compulsory adaption process for foreign graduate at Obafemi Awolowo university teaching hospital, Ilesa. She writes well (poem) and has decided to thrill us with this wonderful (nursing related poem)  poem titled TO THE NURSE NEXT DOOR:

A very scary scream she heard at the entrance
On resumption of morning duty that she imagined to be flawless
She didn’t just hear the screams; she felt the pain too
This was her heart travelling through the walls of empathy.

She walked the corridors of the ward like a little girl
Her heart beating like a bomb waiting to explode
Her eyes filled with tears, she had to bottle down
This couldn’t be pity – but a heart that represents empathy.

This nurse is too “strong face” , they murmured
They only saw the face trying to be strong for them
Nobody saw her tears- nobody saw the little girl in a ‘big aunty nurse’
This is not being “strong face” – But a heart that represents empathy.

This nurse in particular smiles too much… another whispered
She’s never serious- Nobody saw her serious face while she was giving a CPR
They only saw the smile; not her tears or pains
That’s not being unserious- but a heart that represents empathy.

She’s one with a heart
She represents love and care
She represents life and health
For her heart represents empathy.

She never turns down a chance to life
She never shut her door to one who needs escape from death
In her bosom is Love, Life and Health
Because she has a heart that represents empathy.

The sea might be red and deadly to swim in
But she gives no second thought as she dives-in in a haste
Just so she could save another life waiting to waste
For she has a heart that represents empathy.



Agochukwu Chinoso nursing poem

Agochukwu Chinoso




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  1. wow
    nice concept and structure *my nurse*

  2. Arogundade Tolulope

    “Hello nurse”! I love this, It’s perfectly awesome.

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