RE: The Nurse that released the Name/face of HIV patients.

To start with, anytime we see the keyword ”nurse” in online or printed scripts under negative terms, our heart bleeds for many misconceptions that Nurses bear.

Few days ago, the news of a nurse who released the face of people living with HIV/AIDS took the media by trends. By common guess, The news gained enough traffic because it contained “nurses” and primarily a concern for people living with HIV/AIDS.

Ourselves know that Nurses will never, in normal state, breach professional standards even as much as the health system of Nigeria is among the worst in the world.

After a series of investigation to query such as act, we have been able to deduce the following:
1. The atrocities attached to the news originated from an account on Facebook by the name “Lilian Ejembi” who claimed to be a nurse- anaesthetist with work experience at St Gregory hospital and one Anglican hospital. Wherein both have been Disclaimed by the institutions alleged.


2. We have been able to establish the fact that the said “Lilian Ejembi” is a scammer who is determined to soil the integrity of Nursing image.

3. Our findings revealed that Lilian Ejembi is an imposter who is condemnably fraudulent in portraying herself as one Debbie Anaba on Facebook (who is a registered Nurse in Nigeria recognized by her professional bodies- Nursing and Midwifery council of Nigeria, and the National Association of Nigeria Nurses and Midwives).

4. Lilian Ejembi has been using the pictures of Debbie Anaba as display pictures and mobile uploads to successfully commit cyber crime offenses enough to gain media attention and claim being a nurse. An act that is similar to quackery practiced by the Nigeria Society where hospitals and other subsidiary of healthcare system train people to become Nurses and behave like nurses. An act that leaves us with the question of what the media is about these days.

We have approached legal means to uncover this imposter -Lilian Ejembi and would appreciate the support of the public in ensuring that quacks, uninformed individuals, and cohorts do not change the perception of the sane environment to Nurses or affect our Nurse-client/Nurse-Public relationship in the course of interaction and care.

We have been able to gather that a lot of organizations have moved in offending approaches to attack the innocent victim of cybercrime (Debbie Anaba). Comprehensively, In the last couple of days, a lot of “ignorant” observers have been “quick to react” to an act that will never be acribed to professional-bound nurses in Nigeria by seeking illegal means to assault Debbie Anaba. We use this moment to caution those who leap without taking a watch to be aware of legal boundaries that coordinate our actions as a citizens of a constitutional country!.

We again reiterate our commitment to the Nigeria Society that the true care of Nurses will not diminish as much as we even face the threat of quackery, lack of sufficient tools, improper job placement, scientific and standard care tools, etc. You are our first priority.

Conclusively, we urge the society to compliment a better world by reducing stigmatization involved in the care of people living with HIV/AIDs; Encourage Adherence to care regimen and preach preventive measures.

Nursing Group Administrators.

CC: all media houses.
Civil Society Organizations.
Nigeria Police Force.
Employers of Labour.
Nigeria community.

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Updated: July 29, 2019 — 10:58 am

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