Ofejiro: NMCN sends disclaimer on Badge illegality

The Nursing and Midwifery council of Nigeria, yesterday, has responded to a controversial advertisement on sale of badges by the popular advocate of nursing Development and a known business woman- nurse Ofejiro as:

However, the Nurse in quote has released an apology as such:

NMCN Disclaimer

RE: Nursing and Midwifery Council of Nigeria Disclaimer to Oghenefejiro Urhefe on sales of Nurses Batch.MY UNRESERVED APOLOGY TO THE NMCN IN PARTICULAR AND THE NURSING WORLD IN GENERAL.
____________________________________I’m indeed very sorry for the uproar and inconveniences my post on Nurses badge has caused the entire nursing community. I did not intend to sell or start selling or even produce nurses badge on behalf of the NMCN. I only came across a good goldsmith or should I say metalsmith who makes beautiful metal accessories for me and I thought nurses would like it.
I actually thought it will be my little contribution to my most cherished profession. Though I ‘ve not contacted him in this regard, I only wanted to sample the opinion of my colleagues across the globe.
Please, I am dropping as a matter of urgency any of such concealed intent to begin such as I promise that this will never happen again.Please forgive me the NMCN and the entire nursing world Nigeria. I apologize for the inconveniences it caused.Nursing is and will always be my most cherished profession and believed me, I can’t do anything to bring down a profession I stand everywhere to defend with my very last strength. I’m a strong advocate of professionalism in nursing, a strong voice against quackery.You can check my Facebook page on my Name and see my previous posts on Nursing Advocacy.I hope this apology gets to you all in sound mind.Thanks,
Yours truly,
Urhefe Oghenefejiro.

As at the time of putting this post together, the subject is generating a lot of criticism from nurses in Nigeria. Some described the act as eating up a nurse, while some said it’s a good move from the Council. Stay updated. The comment section is active for global response.

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Updated: June 20, 2019 — 2:18 pm

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  1. Re: Disclaimer by our nursing council to “one Ofejiro”

    Special greetings to the powerful and a warm one to everybody. It urged my spirit to respond to the disclaimer of nursing and Midwifery council that is trending on “social media”.

    A. Congratulations Ofejiro. Last night, it could have been who is Ofejiro. Just in a day, your business as an innocent person went viral. You did not pay for advert and got the biggest trend of person and business.

    B. The right words in Nursing council disclaimer read: “….being circulated in different social media platforms.” That line made me ask if Nursing and Midwifery council now have a social media account in this 21st century where the presence of our beloved council is still suffering, up to the point of this mesage. Somehow, we can deduce that a close-to-council person reported the act, but won’t ask the council to lead by social media engagement example. Even the Nursinf and Midwifery council of our neighbor (Ghana) have Twitter; (NMCGH_Official), Instagram (nmcgh_official), Skype (nmcghana2016)

    C. Ofejiro just made council inform us of the badge from 2017 to be ready for delivery on/before July 1. She’s a miracle working Ofejiro. As such, you have opened a portal of questions to be asked on this badge.

    The nursing and Midwifery council act spoke on badges as:

    Badges of approved design may be worn by nurses registered under the Act and may
    be obtained on application to the registrar and on payment of the prescribed fee.

    Now, the simplest clarification is that the badge is exclusive to official wearing. The law of the land supercedes any law, i can decide to wear a badge from agbeke stores on my Agbada. That is the simplest manner of it. And with legal advice, Ofejiro could still win another method to still mass produce (better design scope) to avoid dragging the same copy against the official logo. She’d still sell.

    I have best believed that the disclaimer was sent out of “don’t spoil business” and not in the consideration of the fact that the victim is a REGISTERED NURSE and not a QUACK. She should have been handled with some respect. In the sincerity of the council, what message will it send to nurses who are developing this entreprenuerial skills?. We are fragile and still urged on entrepreneur, even with plenty workshops, this message will make most people just forget it.

    Council is just informing us that our badges from 2017 will be ready by July 1. I can bet that Nrs. Ofejiro will produce a thousand within 10 days if given her free production of “unmatched designed” competition on the line of an even better Design.

    In the best interest of the profession that belongs to all of us, I want to say that council should apologize to Nurse Ofejiro in the manner of tune with which they have sent their message. This is because in the mind of the weak, she has just been labelled a criminal, according to Nursing council.

    Secondly, council committee on badge preparations, if any, should invite her for a deliberation/partnership on fast production and delivery. This fees paid to council was never know to us as a voluntary payment, why should some wait two years to get it?. Many don’t even know about it, maybe they paid or not, or whether it is available. And that element of badge can preach unity for the profession.

    Conclusively, the issue of quackery is dancing freely out there, the same law enforcement agent that “one Ofejiro” can be likely reported to should be mandated to uphold sanity as regards quacks. The recommendations of this post should be taken into considerations as well.

    Nrs. Olurankinse Olumide

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