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There is a quiet revolution gathering momentum from many Groups around the world. A time is coming when leaders would beg to regain and maintain the status that was once entrusted to them by their followers and trustees.


The time when leaders can’t be accountable for their actions and inactions is gradually coming to end.

I am afraid of the revenge of the poor, It happened in Russia, France and recently in Sudan. It can happen in Nigeria. Housing segregation put us the elite in jeopardy. Ikoyi, Banana, Maitama, Asokoro, etc. Our leaders must beware of violent revolution. Perilous times loading. Senator Dino melaye (SDM)

Focus on Nursing
With maximum ventilation of Insularity, it can be agreed upon that “Nursing” as a Profession Neither had a proud past, nor is she comfortable with the present situation, but has hope that a promising future.

With a growing statistics of over 210,000 Registered Nurses in Nigeria, it’s imperative that the system and pattern of Leadership instituted by the National Association of Nigeria Nurses and Midwives(NANNM) is strengthened and reviewed quarterly by a group of individuals that can think creatively, independently, innovatively, and critically with the ability to connect and deliver every sector of Nursing(Academic, research, media, clinical, Administration and management, etc.) to the highest pedestal of Excellence.

Over the years, it’s been observed and reported that the perception of Nigerian Nurses on the expectations of their mother body(NANNM ) has been unfavorable to them as individuals and as a group. while many have stood up to contest and challenge this slow progression and poor Representation of their interest, some have chosen to keep silent probably because they have lost hope and have chosen to explore options to console themselves as individuals.

It’s my earnest expectation that Nigeria nursing leaders begin to act more responsibly and fulfill their obligation in every area and level of their administration to their constituent.

I would encourage the leadership of NANNM at every level to maintain integrity as responsible leaders and also be as flexible as possible to accept changes and Ideas from the younger generation of Nurses in Good light. No sooner than we embracing inputs from other parastatal and organizations of Nursing, shall we effortlessly achieve our goal of liberating Nursing into a profession that our generations shall be proud of.

But, if the rebuking, talk-down, belittling of the young Nurses, as well as insensitivity to their plight, continue, I am afraid that the peaceful coexistence between the Leaders and followers might cease to exist.
Just like Ghanian Nurses, who are currently facing leadership crisis as a result of a conflict of interest between the younger and older generation of Nurses, forming two, separate Association to pilot the affairs of Nurses in Ghana.
This might also be the case if the insensitivity to the plight of the younger generation continues.

Although,it’s being instituted by the Constitution of the federal republic of Nigeria that the National Association of Nigerian Nurses and midwives(NANNM) shall be the Authorised union to pilot the leadership affairs of Nigerian Nurses, it could also be possible for the unpleased Nurses to independently strategies, build and redirect their energy to champion a course to bring liberation to them on their aggrieved areas.
Recently, we have seen young Nigerian nurses champion rewarding movements for Nursing in Nigeria with little or No Influence by the National body.

As at today, Nigeria is one of the few African countries yet to Officially Launch her Nursing now campaign which started since 2018 and set to end in 2020, despite effort being made by some individuals whom have singlehandedly established a rapport with the International Council of Nurses(ICN) and World Health Organization(WHO) to key into the initiative which is set to uplift the profile and status of Nurses and Midwives worldwide.
just recently, the World health organization officially declared “the year 2020” as the year for Nurses and midwives worldwide.
with the lackluster Attitude of the National Association of Nigeria Nurses to keying into the Nursing Now initiative, it’s glaring that the rewarding experience set to be enjoyed by other Nurses and midwives across the world might be unavailable to Nigerian nurses and midwives if we fail to follow the trend in this global movement.

Just recently, one of the Nigerian Young Nurses was in Geneva, Switzerland to represent Nigeria at the just concluded World health Assembly summit organized by the Nursing now team in the WHO.
One would expect that this form of invitation should come through and supported by the National leadership and ministry of Health, but this was not the case, as the young man went there on his own without any form of support, orientation, and Endorsement by the National body whom are unlikely aware of what goes on in the international Nursing body.

It is true that in our pain, we find our greatest power

The university graduate of Nursing science Association(Ugonsa) had advocated for Nigerian Nurses on many occasions by writing to the various state ministry of Health and federal institutions to affect the proper cader placement of Nurses as well as Becoming a voice to Nigeria nursing graduates through advocacy for their internship placement in those institutions.
We can boast of an institute of Nursing research in Nigeria today because of the effort a Nurse.
Recently, another Nigerian nurse who led a petition to the Nursing and midwifery council in the UK via Pearson Vue has also yielded a positive income.

My fear for Nursing leaders today is on the knowledge that when These individuals and group of concerned Nurses grow so much influence to effect rewarding changes and meet the expectation of a vast majority of Nigerian nurses, it can be argued that their loyalty could be redirected to another body.
This could also include a movement on nonpayment off dues to the Former body, and as such, deprive them of the financial confidence and stamina to pilot the affairs of the Association.

It’s true that we might not be able to make a brand new beginning, but we can make a brand new ending, which starts from electing noble and credible leaders into the State And National Nursing association in the upcoming state and federal elections in 2019 and 2020 respectively.

An Error does not become a mistake unless you refuse to correct it.

Please don’t make us disappointed for not joining hundreds fleeing the country to Nations where things are well structured.


Aghedo Princewill

Princewill Ahedo (DNI)

Descendant of Nightingale

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Updated: June 6, 2019 — 8:35 am

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  1. Hassan Sefiat Oziohu

    Nice one here,I believe Nigerian Nurses are over due for this.keep it up, we shall be there soon.

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