Nurse recounts experience with God’s Knot Hospital

-Example is God’s Knot hospital at Ologuneru Ibadan

The ideas of just getting to work, the desperation nurses take with interviews to secure a job is the modern day means to psychological suicide. In more terms, it could also be described as “Modern Day Slavery”. This is the unfortunate case of a nurse who felt it was going to be a different story at a popular Hospital called God’s knot Hospital in Ibadan but as plenty other cases, turned out to be a near-death experience for her. In her words which were taken with permission to make this post (contained on Nursing Group Admins), cases of assault and effects of unprofessional working environment took her work experience to a closure with abrupt resignation.

The message below, according to her, was to give Nurses a lesson on “desperation to work”

I am a registered nurse and I reside in Ibadan.

Plz we need your help in Ibadan.
Nursing has turn to a total mess in Ibadan.
Hospitals train auxiliaries openly now without fear And maltreat registered nurses.
Example is God’s Knot hospital at Ologuneru Ibadan.
No registered nurses worked there and have a good testimony about the place.
For now there’s no single registered nurse in that hospital….. He trains auxiliaries and staff them.

Nurse tired

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I also worked there despite the fact that the pay is too poor…. #25,000.I was very sick and I would still go to work not until the day I collapsed, right in the hospital.
The doctor on duty and the nurses started treatment immediately, in my unconsciousness I was hearing the shout of the MD’s voice and his wife(a CHEW) from the reception blaming all staffs for taking care of me.
I had to rush the infusion that night and leave for my house cos I was on afternoon duty….. Throughout the period I used on admission at the hospital, both the MD and his wife never checked up on me to even know what was wrong with me.
So I went to a pharmacy and purchased all the medications cos I already collected a prescription from the doctor on duty….. Then I start treating myself at ohm with infusions cos there’s no one to give me im.
On the 3rd day as weak as I am I sent the MD a message cos at first I was really furious that none of them could even call me, but I made up my mind to send him a msg which I did, that am sorry I couldn’t come to work for 2days,that it was because I was very sick
The next msg I will receive is that I shouldn’t bother resuming again.
That very day I went to the hospital….. Even with cannula in my hand…. As weak as I was ,begging both the MD and his wife… They were just insulting me.
So I had to leave the place
Although have gotten another opportunity somewhere else ……but I am not still happy with what happened.
I even learnt the nurse that was employed after me used only 48hours there and left
It is so worse that nurses couldn’t endure the maltreatment from the management.

From a colleague

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What would it be taking up jobs or knowing not to quit? Safety or Harm?

NB: As at the time of putting up this post, all attempts to connect with the MD of the said Hospital proved abortive.

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