Nurse Advocates for Justina on World Humanitarian Day

World Humanitarian Day is a day dedicated to recognizing humanitarian personnel and those who have lost their lives on the cause of humanitarian services. It was designated by the United Nations General Assembly as part of a Swedish-sponsored GA Resolution A/63/L.49 on strengthening the Coordination of Emergency Assistance of the United Nations, and 19 was set aside for this cause. (Wiki)

“August 19th (WHD) is set aside every year by the United Nations to pay tribute to aid workers who risk their lives in humanitarian services and to rally support for people affected by crises around the world”, says UN Secretary-General, Antonio Guterres.

Honor Justina Ejelonu

Every year, thousands of men and women all over the world put their lives in danger working on Humanitarian causes.
Working in the most poverty and illness stricken third world countries. often in areas of great social violence, these dedicated heroes put their lives on the line and sometimes lose them in the pursuit of their goals. World Humanitarian Day is when we remember these heroes and their sacrifices.

With this year focus on women in crisis and unsung Heroines both dead and living, who have worked on the frontlines in the most difficult terrains in their communities, it’s in this light that we draw the attention of United Nations (UN), African Union(AU), International Council of Nurses(ICN), World Health Organization(WHO)and other agencies to honor Nurse OBI JUSTINA EJELONU(The first Nurse to die of Ebola in Nigeria)

Obi Justina Ejolonu was a member of the medical team that treated the Index Ebola case in Nigeria and became the first Nurse to die of Ebola virus disease which she contracted on active duty, while rendering selfless service of care, hope and compassion to humanity.

She was unfortunate to have contracted the dreaded zaire strain of the Ebola virus disease from Mr. Patric Sawyer on her first day of resumption of duty with her new employer on the 21st of July 2014.

The Nursing Science graduate from Ebonyi state university who was 2 months pregnant and planned to celebrate her wedding in few weeks saw her dream shatter after she tested positive to Ebola virus which she contracted from The Liberian American Diplomat(Patric Sawyer) who died on the 26th of July 2014.

She died after 24 days of isolation at the general hospitals in Lagos state Nigeria on the 14th of August 2014 with her dreams of raising a responsible family shattered on an event that happened during duty of care to Humanity.

Today, Nigeria (A country of over 200 million population) is declared Ebola virus free and remains one of the best practice countries with regards to how Ebola can be contained and stopped from exploding into the community.This milestone was achieved due to the work and sacrifice of Dr Stella,Nurse Justina Ejelonu and other team members at the First consultant Hospital, Lagos.They were caught unprepared, but their quick intervention meant that Patrick Sawyer did not get back into the population of Lagos state in particular and Nigeria at large.


Princewill Aghedo DNI
Descendant of Nightingale

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