NANNM Presidents Message On The Constitutional Special Delegates Conference

Good morning dear comrades and professional colleagues, I bring solidarity message as we getting prepared for the fast approaching constitution conference of our noble professional Association. I pray that Allah (God) almighty will grant all of us the grace and mercy in planning and execution of the conference.

Kindly be reminded that the conference goes along way in contributing to the growth and development of not only our association but also have positive and otherwise impact on our professional colleagues all over the nation. Therefore the onus lies on us to handle every stages of the preparation and the real conference the required caution, and dexterity it deserves to ensure success.
We need utmost peace, harmony and good will to go through all the stages of the conference. Without peace, understanding and cohesiveness the much deserved successful outcome may not be achieved. Let us use this opportunity to fraternize, and imbibe others views, avoid undue rhetorics, and generate LIGHT rather than HEAT in our entire activities.
I enjoy all state exco to re-examing the stages involved towards a successful conference.
It is required to make sure that all constituencies are represented in our conference delegates from each state. In essence, let there be all inclusiveness in our delegates from all the fora to the conference. The Local, the state and federal government sectors to be represented in our delegation as well as where private nurses are well organized as a bona-fide unit to ensure that democratic culture and ideals as well as trade union culture and professional association universal best practices and standard are followed.
It is equally imperative to know that a constitutional conference is not a battle, war or fight to finish but a discourse, debate and family discussions that accommodate lobbying and social dialogue to repositiion our relationship and activities and therefore delegates from all the tribes and tongue are requested to see each others as professional colleagues, friends and allies selected to represent the entire Nigerian nurses in our thousands as a unique opportunity and therefore must represent them well to justify your esteemed delegates positions. Let us prepared to use all at our disposal to bring our intelligent and expertise to bear and shun acrimony, sectional interest and made up minds in our processes and procedures.
I am to admonish those very versatile, intelligent and highly qualified professional colleagues that could not make it to the conference to pray and supplicate for the success of the conference and equally send messages and goodwill to guide those that are delegates, please note that all of us can not be in Abuja. We definitely need your prayers
Thank you and God bless as you are arriving for the various stages of the conference.
Thank you so much.
Nurse Adeniji A. A.
National President NANNM
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Updated: July 18, 2018 — 10:37 pm

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