In a patriarchal society where gender inequality has created a deep seated bias and cultural subservient roles for women, nursing as a predominantly female profession has by default been classified in that light. Despite some subtle giant strides, the public perception has not changed from seeing the nursing profession as a vocation only good at taking instructions & giving injections. No one has made it cross their minds that nursing has its own scientific “body of knowledge, theories and evidences.” And Nurses being strategic in patient-centered care, has the ability to improve quality of care and patient health system experience by over 80% through very low-cost high – impact intervention.
Evidences abound of nurses who changed their nation’s entire health system for the better, viz:
*Florence Nightingale(1853) – Disinfection: reduction of soldiers mortality from over 40% to 2%.
*Clara Barton, (1821-1912): founder American Red Cross
*Mary Breckinridge: founder of the New Model of Rural Health Care & Frontier Nursing Service (1881-1965)
The list goes on …..
But the patriarchal system is telling on the profession and such timidity is passed on even to the men in the profession.
Therefore, galvanizing the Men (accompanied by the females) at the FIRST MEN IN NURSING & MIDWIFERY CONFIDENCE in our opinion will give the profession a face lift, especially in policy roles and breaking stereotypes of male nurses/Midwives as gays or less of men.
This does not only help in changing negative public perception, but improve quality of care through acceptance and raised self – esteem of the male nurses and Midwives.
Of course, when the men become comfortable being seen as nurses and professionals in their own rights, they will not run away from clinical areas or seek to go abroad.
They will practice the profession wholeheartedly and possibly drive innovative interventions, policy and research in areas beyond the hospital.
We are tired of the multiple strikes. They have not produced much results, yet the patients suffers. So, we are not interested in another trade body. NANNM is enough; that is why they have been invited as chief host and father of the event; to moderate and curtail excesses.
The conference also serve to complement the amazing efforts of the current NMCN management and past admin. in repositioning the profession.
Some successful references are the:
Female lawyers Association (FIDA) and Female Doctors Association.
These bodies have in no way threatened NBA or NMA respectively.
Change is hard, but possible!
It is scary by needful!
This is largely for the NEXT GENERATION of Nurses: male & female alike!
No segregation!!!
We are responsible men And we defend the interest of our women!!
…This can’t happen successfully without you. Please….
Meet Mr Egorp
Egorp Emmanuel E, is a graduate nurse/midwife with a masters in Public Health and a Postgraduate Diploma in Monitoring & Evaluation. He is a Verifier on the Performance Based Financing – Nigeria State Health Investment Project of the Federal Government facilitated by the World Bank. He is also CEO of The LAMP Africa, which works to improve quality of care, especially for Material Newborn Child& Adolescents Health through the promotion of effective Leadership, proactive Advocacy, competent Manpower & evidence -based Practice.
He is passionate about healthcare policy& nation building.
Selected as a Mandela Washington Fellow (MWF) 2017 under the Young African Leaders Initiative(YALI), he previously held various leadership positions, including the National President of Nigeria Universities Nursing Students’ Association (NUNSA) 2010/2011. During this period, he founded the West African Nursing Students’ Association (WANSA)and the a community development initiative known as the Gospel Razzmatazz Initiative in 2009.

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