Management of EKSUTH SON subjects students to heavy economic burden

The news of the burden of Nursing students in School of Nursing, Ekiti State University Teaching Hospital has been tipped to the attention of in a post detailed as such:


It is utterly ridiculous and lugubrious that at this age and time, school honchos will decide to constitute themselves as a thorn in the flesh of students and their parents by making them pay through the nose.


Such can be said of the Ekiti State University Teaching Hospital, School of Nursing, Ado-Ekiti where the students and their parents are subjected to heavy economic burden just because of the irresponsibility of the management of the hospital and the failure of successive governments to do the needful.

In what looked like a fraudulent act, the students (year 2 & 3) of the institution were given two different bills by the school principal. The first bill which was given to the students on the 17th of May has the 30th of January, 2019 as its date, while the second document which was hurriedly passed to the students and was obviously prepared shoddily was given to them on the 11th of June after an anonymous call was placed to the principal questioning the rationale and logic behind the fee and she was threatened that the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission would be involved. The second bill, in which the hostel project fee was changed amongst others was given to the students to serve as a decoy to unsuspecting members of the public that the school fees was within reasonable range.

The most outrageous of all was the hostel project, one begins to wonder when it becomes the responsibility of students and their parents to build hostel for the school? And besides, the hostel project has been on for a long time and one wonders what the accumulated cash inflow from the fees collected had been used for. As it is presently, no foundation is in place for any new hostel, the students become the cash cow for the opportunists in power.

Must one continue to keep quite in the face of this fraud and tyranny? Or must the responsibility of the hospital management, the state government be shifted to the students just because they are not being held responsible and accountable for their imprudent activities?!

We at this point, call on the school to as a matter of alacrity and sane urgency withdraw this dubious bills, and henceforth stop billing the students to do the job of the management and the state government.

We also use the medium to call on the state NANNM, NANSNM national, alumni body and other well meaning stakeholders to rise to the occasion to ensure this type of injustice and fraud does not persist in this brazen manner again in the school and other nursing schools where this fraud and other injustices melted on students are going on.

May we also sound it to other institutions that see nursing schools, the students and their parents as their piggy banks and means of making money to desist from it as the wave of sanity that is hitting the system would also get to their domain.

One cannot continue to pay for a nonquatifiable paper again.

Attached below are the bills given to the students:

Eksuth SON bills

Set 2017 year 2




The source of decided the useful information decided to remain anonymous as at the time of reporting. The question that it leaves in the heart of everybody is whether the situation will be given it’s appropriate attention.

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Updated: June 25, 2019 — 3:40 pm

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  1. Good evening everyone, this information is not from the student’s arm of school of nursing
    Ado Ekiti and the matter has been addressed by the hospital management, regarding the issue of the school bill the hospital management as look into this matter,pls to the sender and author of this post,pls we dis post should be disclaim.

  2. This is ridiculous and painful .. If education was this unnecessarily expensive am sure the people behind this people won’t have gone to school 😢😢😢

  3. This is ridiculous and painful .. If education was this unnecessarily expensive am sure the people behind this bills won’t have gone to school 😢😢😢

  4. Waoo in this poor economic Era, Nigerians will not stop looting themselves.. I say No to this injustice

  5. Whoever came up with this writeup is indeed a voice everything said in this writeup is totally true.
    As at yesterday the principal and the management of this school were already in panic. They went as far as telling the students to come and pass comments on this post,disclaiming it also threatening to make life unbearable for these ones.
    That shows the level of corruption and inhuman treatment in our land.

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