Lagos State University teaching hospital (LASUTH )Records 74 Live Births Through Assisted Reproductive Technology –

A Total of 74 live births took place through Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) at the Lagos State University Teaching Hospital, LASUTH, in the past six years.
Adetokunbo Fabamwo, Chairman, LASUTH Institute of Fertility Medicine, IFM, told journalists on Tuesday in Lagos that the live births were conducted in collaboration with the Bridge Fertility Clinic.
“The first live birth was a set of twins that were delivered on December 26, 2011 and since then we have had 74 and the number keeps going up,” Mr. Fabamwo, a professor said.
According to him, IFM came into being in August 2011 following a Memorandum of Understanding between LASUTH and Bridge Clinic.
He said: “The idea is that, Bridge Clinic is to partner with the department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, LASUTH, over a period of years and then transfer skills to our consultants.
“This is done so that, at the end of the day, LASUTH will be able to autonomously and independently operate the facility so that ART can be brought to the doorsteps of the masses”.
On the high cost of ART, Fabamwo said LASUTH was exploring ways to reduce the cost by 50 per cent from between N1 million and N2 million for one cycle.
“We are still looking at a low cost ART; as at now, it will cost a woman about N400,000 to N500,000 to have a cycle at our facility as opposed to N1.2 million to N1.5 million outside.
“However, we are still looking at a possibility of making the cost even lower than that.
“We feel that if a woman gets ART for N200,000, it should be at a comfortable level.
“However, we insist our patients are indigent low income group in order to ensure that patients who are high income do not crash into our service,” Fabamwo said.
He said that the success rate of ART worldwide was between 35 to 40 per cent.
“I am proud to say that since the inception of IFM, we have recorded 40.8 per cent success; as a matter of fact, over the years we have between 38 and 40 per cent success which is quite impressionable,” he said.
Also, LASUTH Chief Medical Director, Adewale Oke, said the feat was a milestone to be celebrated and the beginning of better things to come for the institution.
Mr. Oke was represented by Ayoade Adedokun, LASUTH Head of Clinical Services and Training.
“This is an epoch-making occasion as we celebrate the birth through ART of 74 babies of mothers who were hitherto condemned, but through the help of God and IFM they are able to carry their babies.
“We expect that when the Ayinke House comes on board, I am sure we will be expecting more action from IFM,” he said.
The CMD said that women in the African setting who could not procreate were usually ostracised and rejected and as such, they became very depressed.
“But thanks to IFM, there have been smiles on the faces of not less than 74 women, who were meted out all sorts of psychological punishments.
“Today, they are able to smile, because there is a partnership that gave birth to IFM between LASUTH and the Bridge Clinic,” the CMD said.
Also, the Chief Executive Officer of Bridge Clinic, Jide Ojo, said that the clinic was ready to establish more IFMs across the state.
“The essence of this partnership is also to be able to give the public sector the independence that it deserves.
“So, we are readily available; we have a plan next year to have more of these IFMs across Lagos and as part of our expansion we may locate more clinics in other parts of the country, but it is a gradual process,” Mr. Ojo said.
Source: The Premium Times News

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