Lagos Health Reform Law

The Lagos State health Reform law is the law to make provision for the reform of the Health sector, State Hospitals Management Board, Primary Health Board and Traditional Medicine Board in Lagos State. [Commencement] [16th January 2006].

Lagos State House of Assembly

Objectives of the Lagos State health reform law, Responsibility for Health and Eligibility for Free Health Services

Read: patient bill of right

Objectives of the Law:
The objectives of this Law are to regulate health services within the State and to provide uniformity in
respect of health services across the State by-
1. establishing a State health system which-
(a) encompasses public and private providers of health services;
(b) provides the population of the State with the best possible health services that
available resources can afford; and
2. setting out the rights and duties of health care providers, health workers, health
establishments and users.

Below is a copy of my the Law:


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