How To Ask For Increase In Salary

If your goal is to stay at that company for a while, to keep that job, and not okay with your current monthly income, you need to put in for increase in salary.

You might have been working in an organization for some time and you used to say to yourself that your boss should know its time to increase your salary. Well, what is not shown is not known. If you don’t ask for it, you may have to wait a very long time before your boss consider increase in salary.

The thought of asking for increase in salary usually come when we think we are more than the salary we are collecting or when we think our input to the company surpasses what comes in for us every month.

If you still like the company and still want to keep the job, experts suggest some tips/ways to ask for increase in pay.

1. Know your worth: You should not only believe you worth more, you should also be able to demonstrate it by assessing your worth against that of others in the same industry. Including your Job description, years of experience, level of education.

2. Know more about your company’s pay policies: Read the company’s employee handbook to know more and ask human resources or someone who knows the company more than you do.

Increase in salary

3. Prepare a list of your accomplishments: What have you accomplished in the company? You should be able to tell.

4. Be confident: If you don’t believe you worth more money, you will have hard time convincing your boss. Be confident, not arrogant and stay positive.

5. Focus on what you add to the company: The number of kids you have or problem you face at home is not the company’s problem. Instead of begging for increase in pay, explain why you deserve it.

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6. Choose your timing wisely: The best time to ask for increase in pay is when things are smoothly running in your company not when you recently have a sales slump.

7. Know your boss: We all have different personalities. Know that of your boss by studying him. know when he is happy and when he is not.

8. Don’t be afraid to ask: Its all about negotiation. if you lack the skill, learn it. It may be hard to get increase in pay, but it is better than not trying at all. Don’t see it as if you are demanding or pushy.

9. Be specific: Don’t just say you want a raise. Let your boss know how much increase in you want either in percentage or actual amount.

10. Don’t let rejection weigh you down: If you never ask, you will never know. When it is “no” you get from your boss, don’t be embarrassed and don’t take it personal. Ask what you could do to merit an increase. Ask when next it will be reasonable to make such request again.

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