HIC DISCUSSION- Male Nurses acting as doctors: Whose Fault? 

Welcome to HIC’s blog discussion. From our whatsapp groups, a lot of topics have been raised for our blog discussion and the the topic selected for discussion today is: Male Nurses acting as “Doctors” (titling), who/what is/are really to be blamed?
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Updated: November 16, 2017 — 8:00 am

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  1. I think its low self esteem and the problem of the people.

  2. Male Nurse are basically to proud to practice in there clinical setting,but there are various areas they can practice to get their job satisfaction but they just hv limited info on this areas

    1. Please I want to know some of the areas male nurses can practice to get job satisfaction. Thanks

  3. I disagree with Owolabi, no one has low self esteem. It all depends on the location where you work. Here in Lagos, u hardly see hospitals accepting male nurses as nurses in their settings, they mostly prefer female nurses except for govt hospitals and clinics(private clinics) who can’t afford the services of qualified Dr, then you’d be used to help clerk patients. Secondly, patients recognize male nurses as doctors coz their mentality is that everyone in white who’s female is a nurse and otherwise. Then thirdly, we’re in a developing country, our healthcare system is anaemic and hence deficit medical personnel. But if I may ask, how many doctors will settle to work in a rural setting to be paid peanuts? Then does that mean such target population don’t have the right to healthcare services? Hence the emergence of male nurses being used for such purposes, many folks like me will always tell our patients we’re nurses but how many people will u tell that to when the whole community see u as a doctor??

    1. I cannot agree more with you bro.. it’s a nice breakdown. Bût still, i feel the profession is to be blamed as well , the structure is not balance to ensure neglrcting the title. female folks have bridged the trust of the patient.

  4. Even when you tell patients that you are a male nurse,they then to disbelieve you.the point is male nurses don’t do doctors job but only within their sphere of nursing coverage and due to expertise where there is no doctor,they tend to try to to what doctors do but not as doing what is not permitted.

  5. we only complained of male nurses seeing as doctors but we don’t complained of those that are not nurses but practicing as nurses.

  6. the doctors should stop training quacks as nurses .go to all private hospitals you will only see quacks as nurses being trained by the medical doctors

  7. 90% of problems in the health sector are caused by did doctors

  8. I think Van has good points but it is good to let people know you as a nurse even if you can’t help being addressed as a doctor may be because of the settings you find yourself. Show your identity and let people know you are a nurse.

  9. Nurses in Nigeria r too comfortable with the peatnut we r paid, hence a male nurse will accept to do a doctors work and b happy with peatnut that a doctor will never accept, there is no reason for accepting a professional name that u r nt trained for, whether there is shortage of manpower or nt, we nid to fight to gain the right to do such to an acceptable extent, rather than becoming professional quacks……! Nurses! we nid to grab more procedure.

  10. The issue of male Nurses being used as doctor in Nigeria is the Govt fault….. most private Hospitals don’t like to employ Male Nurses…… We can’t sit at home and be waiting for Govt job naaa

  11. I disagree with you Mercy. Most private hospitals especially in Lagos employ male nurses and make them do the work of doctors. Fine! We are trained to do most of those procedures. It is totally disheartening as the credibility that should be accorded to our beloved profession is on the verge. Most male nurses are overwhelmed with the act. To me it is based on the personality of individual. If you find your profession more rewarding, you will always find means of making it better than you met it

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