Gastroenteritis Management Protocol

Gastroenteritis Management⤵
Protocol for management
1. Admit Patient
2. Take blood for aerobic and anaerobic culture, ful haemogram, E/U/Creatinine from 3 sites in two different limbs
3. Rehydrate the patient with appropriate IV fluids depending on symptoms.
4. For those with diarrhea, stool microscopy, culture and sensitivity must be done.
5. Ensure that patients are reviewed by gastrointestinal teams
6. Commence intravenous antibiotics preferably a quinolone until culture results are available.
7.Patients who have been treated with several antibiotics without response can be commenced on intravenous meronem for five (5) days.
8. In cases where response to treatment is slow or fever persists, inform Dr A.I. Adisa Bashua(09098935458), Dr Mutiu (08033565329), Dr Abdus-Salam (09087106072).
9. Discharge patient after five (5) days of intravenous meronem if patient is responding clinically.
10. Full documentation to include all antibiotics given with dose and duration must be provided.
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