ELEYELE NURSING SAGA – New circulating message gets response

Few days ago, the news of student nurses cutting grass at Eleyele School of Nursing surfaced on the internet and gathered criticism from far and near. The news can be found on fellownurses.com

Today, a post was circulating online in response to the allegations and this has met a feedback from a concerned nurse – Olurankinse Olumide. Below is the response to the post:

I have come across an informal message circulating as a disclaimer to exonerate the provost of the said college claiming the volunteerism of students to join the hard labour- 21st century slavery. That post was not signed or given a title. However, I feel the urge to respond to it. This is an age where you cannot allow an unlearned person send a broadcast with the thought that they are good enough to beat the sense of concerned individuals.

Let me first appreciate Fellow Nurses for serving as an activist of the clock at a time when the essence of multimedia approach is playing a good game in Nigeria Nursing. You guys have done a good job. Allow me to respond in sequence to that wrong message:

1. Madam provost, I want to think that if we cannot attack your personality in the superiority of your position,we can owe you to the bottom of your philosophy when it comes to Faith, if Jesus won’t be the one to hold you to truth, we can be confident it will Allah
Or Sango(the god of thunder). So, whether the post is to stand by the truth or Dodge the bullet, your Judgement is in the hands of any.

2. That aside, I want to come in from the angle of my profession now. You see, it shouldnt have been my concern but looking at the way some of us that love Nursing are trying to find it’s strength these days, we will not allow a few unwilling-to-lift-the-profession adults bring us down. That wrong message said volunteering students, Fine…until we can deduce that a thing of volunteering would have come after an announcement of say “1 week” before the date of working “voluntarily”. Why do you think an earlier notice would have made those students cut the grass in their uniforms. Remember, you said they volunteered. Could it have been that they volunteered on emergency on that particular day?

3. Can you help us with a proof of staffs who have volunteered before?

4. Madam provost, how can we be sure that your office is holding you to effectiveness if cutting of grass can be a work of volunteerism and not a health sector contribution that will truly mean volunteerism and promote the name of the profession?

5. Let me remind you Nurse Gbonjubola that from the online statement on fellownurses.com, extra 6months was part of the allegation. I bet that was volunteering too.

6. I won’t want to go far, but I must tell you categorically that the story is not selling, it’s obvious to the world that it is just an attempt to draw the provost from the cirlce of blame. You have shit the bed (in Obasanjo’s voice) and the only way to clean it is to accept your fault, apologize to the student body, the students, and work on your relationship with the students to rebuild your name in good testimony of deeds.

7. To the associations that stood up to investigate and appropriately deal with the matter, Remember that the world is watching. We are counting on you to use that as a “nairamarly” (caution) to victimization of nursing students.

Nightingale is weeping! Will your actions make her smile again?

Nrs. Olurankinse Olumide
(The husband Nightingale couldn’t get).

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A copy of the post circulating online:

It has come to our attention that some persons are posting messages on social media to the effect that the provost of the oyo state college of nursing and midwifery, Mrs Gbonjubola Owolabi, has issued a unilateral order demanding that students of the college should cut grasses. While we understand that some of our students have genuine concerns, it is unfortunate that mischief makers are trying to seize the opportunity to impugn on the character of the provost, who has worked very hard with her team to reposition the college and put it on the international map. Before this story takes a life of its own and mischief makers have a field day, we wish to make the following submissions:

1. The college in line with state government directives on environmental sanitation in the state which comes up every Monday within government establishment and that of every Thursday throughout the state, the members of staff and volunteer students always observe the sanitation excercise within the college premises in obedience to government directive.

2. There is no time that the provost makes it compulsory for students to join the staff in the environmental sanitation except those who volunteer to join and they always do it happily. thus it is only the mischief makers that can insinuate what was placed on the social media. it would have been better for them to carryout necessary investigation before embarking on this dastardly act.

3. On the issue of the 70th anniversary of the college which was a talk of the town and well attended by who is who in the state and by many of the alumnus in Diaspora, the only thing requested from the students is to invite their parent to attend as the college belong to them.

4. The 70th anniversary has added great value to the college and projected the image of the college in good light but this mischief maker want to smear the integrity and the name of the college that our past leaders laboured to build
5. It is worth of note to state that the door of the office of the provost and the entire staff are always open to students and their union for discussion and dialogue and the management of the college always put the welfare of the student at front burner.
6. In conclusion i want to state clearly that all allegation posted are false and just an insinuation and an attempt to destroy our great college.

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Updated: June 8, 2019 — 6:02 pm

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  1. The Eleyele Administration team are daft and story shows its a porous settings where the Ministry (the Oyo State Thugs) direct the
    school affairs.

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