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Lagos Health Reform Law

The Lagos State health Reform law is the law to make provision for the reform of the Health sector, State Hospitals Management Board, Primary Health Board and Traditional Medicine Board in Lagos State. [Commencement] [16th January 2006]. Objectives of the Lagos State health reform law, Responsibility for Health and Eligibility for Free Health Services Read: […]

How the Online Platform economic model can solve most problems in the Nigeria health sector – Pharm. Afoke

Since the advent of the internet, the way of doing things has seen a tremendous and drastic transformation. Transmission of mail from person to person through mail carriers, used to take time and money but now electronic transfer of mail called: “electronic mail (email)” has solved the problem. Younger generations would not really appreciate the […]

Common interview questions for Graduates

1. Tell us about yourself? The interviewer is not interested in hearing stories; they simply expect to know your academic and professional achievements, your name and the institution you currently work for. Take a minutes to introduce yourself, and state your recent academic qualification and your relevant experience (if any) *2. Why do you think […]

“A cleaner can ruin the job of neurosurgeon if he doesn’t do his job properly”- LUTH CMD

“A cleaner can ruin the job of neurosurgeon if he doesn’t do his job properly”- LUTH CMD _…AS Psychiatric Nurse emerges 2018 best staff_ Chief Medical Director, Lagos University Teaching Hospital, LUTH, Idi-Araba, Prof. Chris Bode, has urged health workers to be mindful of politicians who are championing rivalry among different groups of professionals to […]

A Blood Test Can Now Detect The Most Serious Type Of Skin Cancer

Melanoma cancer, the most serious type of skin cancer, can now be detected in its early stages by a blood test developed by Australian scientists. The breakthrough could potentially save millions of lives and significantly reduce costs to the healthcare system. According to a statement by Edith Cowan University scientists, the test works by detecting […]