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Lagos Health Reform Law

The Lagos State health Reform law is the law to make provision for the reform of the Health sector, State Hospitals Management Board, Primary Health Board and Traditional Medicine Board in Lagos State. [Commencement] [16th January 2006]. Objectives of the Lagos State health reform law, Responsibility for Health and Eligibility for Free Health Services Read: […]

Cambridge IELTS Books and Audio Files

For those asking for Cambridge IELTS books and audio files The Complete Series for Cambridge IELTS Books 1-12 (General & Academic ) in one post Download Links: – Cambridge for IELTS 1 – Cambridge for IELTS 2 – Cambridge for IELTS 3 – Cambridge for IELTS 4 – Cambridge for IELTS […]

Common board questions (CBQ) In NCLEX

Common Board Questions (CBQ) in Nurse Licensure Examination (CARDIOVASCULAR SYSTEM) CBQ no. 1 How do clients experiencing angina? Describe that pain. Answers: Described as squeezing, heavy, burning, radiates to left arm or shoulder, transient or prolonged. CBQ no. 2 Develop a teaching plan for the client taking nitroglycerin. Answers: Take at first sign of anginal […]