Briefings from Caridad Community Outreach 2019

The Health Outreach on the 23rd of June, 2019 to the community of Igbaye eleruku in Ilesha was quite an eventful and unforgettable experience for Caridad. The team was welcomed warmly by the community leader. This was followed by setting of venue of the programme.

The atmosphere was cold at first due to Sunday activities at first. Undeterred by this, we set out for mobilization among the community members dividing ourselves into groups and going from House to House informing them of our arrival. This we did for a space of an hour. At exactly 2:30pm which was stated for the starting of the program, we already had some members of the community sitting and eagerly waiting for the good news.

Caridad group outreachCaridad group outreach

Various sections were made for dispensation of the programme. We had the:

  • registration and data collection unit,
  • pharmacological unit,
  • Check-up unit and
  • Consultation unit.

Health talks on Environmental Hygiene, personal hygiene, Family Planning and the making of the Oral Rehydration Solution (ORS). This aspect of the programme was highly fascinating as the community members revealed their joyous minds with such an eye-opening aspect of the programme.

Caridad group outreach

Caridad group outreach

Caridad group outreach

Anthropometry unit revealed those with irregularities in their data and were advised on the necessary measures to take so as to correct the abnormalities, referral to tertiary hospitals was not left behind as the consultation unit apprehended some people with signs and symptoms of; incontinence, pruritis, otitis externa, glaucoma, arthritis etc. Drugs of mild side effect were distributed to some people who need it.Caridad group outreach

More than 50 people were present at the outreach which lasted for about 4 hours. At the end of the program even though people kept coming at each minutes but we had no other option than to suspend the activities and call it a day. We appreciated the Baale for the audience given to us and he with a smile appreciated us for extending the love to the community and prayed for us all. We were also wished well by the community members as we moved out of the community.

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Our observations from the outreach were many but the prime of it is; so many people are living with curable diseases but fund serves the major impediment in taking the rightful action.

This is a quest for primary health care center in every remote community.
May God bless Nigeria.

Source: CARIDAD group.

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