A-z of nursing specialties

A-z of nursing specialties

Most nurses aren’t oriented to the basic specialties we have, here is a list of specialization in the nursing profession.
Below is a link on how to become any specialist mentioned below, the years and duration for certification and the job description.

Advanced Practice Registered Nurse
Ambulatory Care Nurse
Camp Nurse
Cardiac Care Nurse
Cardiac Cath Lab Nurse
Case Management Nurse
Certified Nurse Midwife
Clinical Nurse Leader
Clinical Nurse Specialist
Correctional Facility Nurse
Critical Care Nurse
Dermatology Nurse
Developmental Disabilities Nurse
Diabetes Nurse
Domestic Violence Nurse
Emergency Nurse
Family Nurse Practitioner
Flight/Transport Nurse
Forensic Nurse
Gastroenterology Nurse
Geriatric Nurse
Gynecology/Obstetrics Nurse
Hematology Nurse
Holistic Nurse
Home Health Care Nurse
Hospice Nurse
Independent Nurse Contractor
Infection Control Nurse
Labor & Delivery Nurse
Lactation Consultant
Legal Nurse Consultant
Licensed Practical Nurse
Long-Term Care Nurse
Managed Care Nurse
Medical Assistant
Military Nurse
Missionary Nurse
Neonatal Intensive Care Nurse
Nephrology Nurse
Neuroscience Nurse
Nurse Advocate
Nurse Anesthetist
Nurse Attorney
Nurse Educator
Nurse Entrepreneur
Nurse Executive
Nurse Manager
Nurse Practitioner
Nurse Researcher
Nursing Informatics
Occupational Health Nurse
Oncology Nurse
Operating Room Nurse
Ophthalmic Nurse
Orthopaedic Nurse
Otorhinolaryngology Nurse
Pain Management Nurse
Parish Nursing
Pediatric Endocrinology Nurse
Pediatric Nurse
Pediatric Nurse Practitioner
Perianesthesia Nurse
Perinatal Nurse
Plastic Surgery Nurse
Psychiatric Nurse
Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner
Public Health Nurse
Pulmonary Care Nurse
Radiology Nurse
Registered Nurse
Rehabilitation Nurse
Reproductive Nurse
Rheumatology Nurse
School Nurse
Substance Abuse Nurse
Surgical Nurse
Toxicology Nurse
Transplant Nurse
Trauma Nurse
Travel Nurse
Urologic Nurse
Wound Care Nurse


Nurses get educated …open your horizon and shine your eyes beyond the usual, think out of the box.

@Truefamzzy…little quota to great nurses.

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