5 years after the death of Justina Ejelonu

Today marks 5 years after the death of the heroine Justina Ejelonu. Justina Ejelonu is a Nigerian Nurse with bachelor’s degree from the Ebonyi State University. She became a mention in the lips of public following her death (after battling for days with Ebola Virus Disease) on the 14th of August 2014 as the first Nigerian to die of the disease.

From the moment up till now, others have been seen as champions for laying down their lives in the course of caring for humanity. However, Justina Ejelonu remain an exception to the recognition of these saviors.

“Nurisng Group Administrators”-  a group of nursing stakeholders has deem it fit to remember this heroine. In a statement accredited to the group, Healthinfocorner.com is able to isolate this post:

Today makes the yesterday of the statement:

“Yesterday the first known Nigerian to die of Ebola was recorded. This was one of the nurses that attended to the Liberian” – prof Onyebuchi chukwu (Nigeria Health Minister, 2014).

Nurse Ejelonu was pregnant, expectant of living a fulfilled life, having kids and lots. However, she died caring for the sick, ensuring that the weak is made strong!

5years after, the hero remain unsung. An act that tells us that there is no care for the carer! We believe you live on as the Angel in White that you are, and are with Nightingale.

Today, we take to the media a remembrance of your heroic act and as well, demand for the recognition that you deserve beyond the “first Nigerian to die of Ebola”. You gave your life for it’s success!

Nursing group Administrators.


Before today, the “Graduate Nurses Association of Nigeria” otherwise known as. “UGONSA” has requested that the Federal Government of Nigeria honor Justina Ejelonu for her service in the control of Ebola in Nigeria.

Justina Ejelonu Justina Ejelonu

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